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Angkor Wat (Hipstamatic Style)

I finally made it to Angkor Wat (I’ve been busy) I took my DSLR but I couldn’t resist some random Hipstamatic action. It’s impossible to capture the sheer scale of this place, so I didn’t even try.


Alice’s Adventures In Ultraland

Alice's Adventures In Ultraland

Sunset Coming On

I realise I should be posting more content, so I will try and post something everyday (when possible) I’ll try to maintain a level of quality.

Sunset Coming On

The Duke of Lancaster

After returning to UK for a visit I want to photograph things that I would never see in Asia. So I decided to pay a visit to The Duke of Lancaster a former passenger ferry that was converted into a floating leisure and retail complex called The Fun Ship in 1979. Unfortunately due a combination of corruption and ineptitude on the part of local councillors it’ now a decaying hulk of metal.

It’s recently been brightened up by graffiti artist Bungle

I used a Canon 60D with a 18-135 mm lens which had a Hoya circular polarizing filter attached. It was a bright day with a few clouds and the polarizing filter really added some drama to the sky.

Hipstamatic Urban Exploration

First some history

“Pool Park House was once owned by Sir Walter Bagot, a prominent Staffordshire barrister, and was rebuilt in in its current incarnation between 1826-1829 as a residence for the second Lord Bagot.

After eventually being sold to the Tate family (of Tate & Lyle), it was acquired by the North Wales Counties Mental Hospital and opened in 1937 to accommodate 87 patients for relief of overcrowding at the much larger and much more visited Denbigh Hospital.

Its official designation was as a psychiatric convalescent home, and eventually closed in 1990. Planning documents were submitted some years ago for conversion into a 60-apartment residential home, but were rejected.”

This was my first Urban Exploration (or Urbex) and it was fun. I wasn’t sure about the terrain and the how safe the building was so I decided to just take my iPhone. I hope to return with my DSLR and take some proper photographs.

Hipstamatic Comparisons: Part 11 AO BW

So Hipstamatic have introduced another new film and lens which has put another dent in my planned comparisons. I shouldn’t complain too much because I do love the combo.

So this will be the last of the chronological tests and from now I’ll just choose one of the films I like and do comparisons with all the lenses available at the time.

Again I’m not a huge fan of the AO films but you can judge for yourself.