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Shadow of The Sun

Another DLSR/iPhone hybrid.



Such Great Heights

A DSLR photograph of my friend Linda edited using iPhone photo apps; Pictureshow, Mextures and Afterlight.

Linda is also a photographer, you can check out some of here excellent work here

<img src="beautiful-surreal-girl.jpg" alt="Beautiful Surreal Girl" />
Digital dreamlike surrealist photography created using Adobe Photoshop CS6 and various iPhone Apps.

Alice’s Adventures In Ultraland

Alice's Adventures In Ultraland

Sunset Coming On

I realise I should be posting more content, so I will try and post something everyday (when possible) I’ll try to maintain a level of quality.

Sunset Coming On

New Lo Fi

I’ve been using my Holga 120 pinhole camera a lot recently as with most pinhole cameras you have to shoot a lot of crap before you get anything good, I’m averaging one good shot for every roll film.

Deep Blue Day
A Is To B As B Is To C