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Alice’s Adventures In Ultraland

Alice's Adventures In Ultraland



My Holga lens finally arrived.

I got tired of using my Holga 120 Pinhole. I occasionally managed to get some good shots but on the whole I wasted a lot of film. So I decided to buy a Holga lens for my DSLR.

With a little help from Photoshop I think I managed to fake the analogue look.

Ting Tong (ติงต๊อง) Divers

I was wandering around the old city yesterday looking for something interesting to photograph and I found it. Two young Thais where diving off the city walls into the moat below. Thankfully they were happy for me to photograph them and even did several dives which meant I could get enough coverage.

BTW “Ting Tong” is a Thai phrase meaning “Crazy”


When 100 photos become 1

I saw some really cool graffiti today and I wanted to photograph it. The problem was even when I stood as far back as I could go (without standing in the middle of the road that it) with my lens at the widest setting I couldn’t fit it all into the frame.

I had two choices; first I could cross the street and shoot it from the other side of the road but then I’d have to contend with cars, motorbikes and people getting in the frame. The second option was to take lots of close up images and then put them together using Photoshop’s photomerge tool.

Even though option one would have been easier I went with the photomerge. It took me about 25 mins and over 100 photos but I think it was worth the extra effort.

Click on the image to see at full size.

When The Rain Comes……………

The only good thing about being out in a city at night when it’s raining, is that the rain can create some interesting effects. Using Hipstamatic with the trusty John S lens is a great way to capture them.